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As well as being certified electricians (A44142) we also hold an Arctick license (L146914) for split system air conditioner installations. Whilst installation prices can vary depending on the individual job it can be helpful to have a guide for what you would expect to pay for supply and installation of a split system air conditioner. The following price guide refers to back to back installations in single storey homes and includes supply of Fujitsu units (other brands available):

Air Conditioner Pricing Guide

  • 2.5 kW Fujitsu (suitable for a small room: 10-20 square metres): Supplied and installed for $1,500 plus GST
  • 3.5 kW Fujitsu (suitable for a medium room: 20-35 square metres): Supplied and installed for $1,650 plus GST
  • 5.0 kW Fujitsu (suitable for a large room: 35-50 square metres):  Supplied and installed for $2,000 plus GST
  • 7.0kW Fujitsu (suitable for open plan living areas: 50-70 square metres): Supplied and installed for $2,200 plus GST 

Air Conditioning FAQ

How do I know what size air conditioner to use for my room? Answer: A general rule of thumb is to allow 150 watts per square metre of the area you are trying to cool. So for example if you have a lounge room that's 20 square metres you multiply by that by 150 to get 3000W. A 3.5 kW split system would be sufficient to cool this area. Other factors may include ceiling height (if you have particularly high ceilings) and insulation of lack thereof in your roof cavity and walls.

I've heard that multi head air con's with one large outdoor unit are better than multiple split systems, is that right? Answer: Usually you're better off installing one outdoor unit for each indoor unit. There's a few reasons for this; the main one is that it is generally cheaper. It may seem that it would be cheaper to have just one outdoor unit but because they're generally a special order they cost a lot more. Also because the pipe runs will be longer the installation costs will go up. There certainly are situations where a multi head system would be the way to go, but more often thatn not you'll be better off with standard split systems.

Do I need to use a licensed installer to keep my warranty? Answer: Yes. All major split system brands in Australia offer 5 year warranties. When you've had your installation complete your installer should provide you with the manufacturer warranty papers. This paper should include the Arctick License number of the installer and the serial numbers of the indoor and outdoor units.

Is it more expensive to install air conditioners in the summer months? Answer: Certainly the demand for air conditioners goes through the roof as the weather heats up. However this doesn't necessarily translate to higher prices. What it does mean is that all the installers will be super busy and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who can do your install quickly. If you've though ahead, try booking your install in the winter when installers aren't as crazily busy and can most likely do your job within a week of booking.

What brand is best? Answer: There are a lot of great brands on the Australian market. Brands like Daikin are well known and have the higher end of the market. Lower cost units like the Lennox also offer 5 year warranties and, in my experience, do a great job. Fujitsu is my most requested model and the brand I mostly install. They have a great reputation, good support and a reasonable price.

I have an existing unit that is not blowing out cold or hot air. Do I need to replace it or can it be repaired? Answer: You can regas a system for a lot less than it costs to replace with a new one. If your existing unit is less than 10 years old it's worth looking at repairing (which would probably involve regassing and checking all the pipe joins). Any older than 10 years it's probably time to upgrade to a new system. 

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