Commercial Security System Installation Melbourne

Why Your Office Needs A Commercial Security System Installation In Melbourne

Commercial Security System Installation Melbourne is one of the services that CW Electrical & Automation specialises in. A commercial security system comprises a wide variety of configurations performing specific functions that help protect a given area (such as your office, or workplace). A commercial security system aims to provide security to your workspace in every aspect. It consists of heat and fire alarms, as well as video surveillance through CCTV cameras to keep a check on what is going on inside, and outside of your office or workspace.

There are a few reasons as to why one should invest in Commercial Security System Installation in Melbourne:

  • It gives employers proof in video form in case of theft.
  • It can reduce insurance costs.
  • It acts as a deterrent the office space from unwanted burglars and thieves.
  • Gives staff an enhanced layer of safety whilst in the workplace.
Commercial Security System Installation Melbourne

Commercial Security System Installation Melbourne Services By CW Electrical & Automation

With more than 15 years of experience, CW Electrical & Automation is quite experienced in Commercial Security System Installation in Melbourne. CW Electrical & Automation provides clients security cameras and alarm systems in their commercial security system installation.

Security cameras: Only high-quality cameras from Dahua and Hik Vision are used for the security systems. All the CCTV systems have inbuilt audio, along with night vision, making it easier to identify any burglar or intruder in the dark. IP cameras with a minimum of 6MP and wide-angled lenses are used by CW Electrical & Automation.

Alarm Systems: Alarm systems to prevent intruders from coming inside and alert the household members include infrared and door sensors with flashing, strobe lights. The alarm system can also be linked to your phone to keep checking on the status and getting alerts for when the alarm system is active.

Choose Our Experienced Team For Commercial CCTV Installation Melbourne

Getting Commercial CCTV Installation Melbourne is essential to keep your workplace safe, and you must acquire such installation services from a company that specialises in it. With more than 15 years of experience and a team of qualified individuals and technicians, CW Electrical & Automation take pride in specialising in commercial CCTV installation in Melbourne.

What makes CW Electrical & Automation stand out from other competitors is:

  • The company is fully licensed and insured
  • They have excellent customer service, with the proof being present on Google Reviews
  • They aim to make the customers happy and provide them with the services they need
  • Communication is extremely important for the employees at CW Electrical & Automation
  • We are experts in CCTV, and are Victoria Police Accredited Installers
Thinking of getting Commercial Security System Installation Melbourne completed for your office or workplace? Use the expert technicians at CW Electrical & Automation. Call us today!

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