Safety Compliance Checks: What Are They And Do I Need One?
Safety Compliance Checks: What Are They And Do I Need One?

Safety Compliance Checks: What Are They And Do I Need One?

As of 2021, it is now mandatory for landlords to ensure that an electrical safety check is completed by a licensed electrician every two years.

Some of the things that these checks cover include:

  • Check the main switchboard to ensure the mains cabling and earthing is in good order
  • Check safety switches (all power and lighting circuits MUST be safety switch protected)
  • Check all smoke alarms for correct wiring and operation
  • Check all electrical devices such as power points, light switches, light fittings for electrical safety
  • Check electric hot water system
  • Check any air conditioners
  • Check kitchen appliances for electrical safety
  • Check solar devices for electrical safety

If the safety check reveals that any electrical repairs are required the electrician will make note of this on the report. The homeowner must then hire a Registered Electrical Contractor to complete the repairs as soon as practical.

You will also need to complete a “smoke alarms only check” once every 12 months.

Evidence of electrical safety checks

The electrician should provide a record of the electrical safety check, which must include:

  • the full name and business details, including the licence or registration number, of the electrician who did the check
  • the date of the safety check
  • the results of the check, including any repairs that were required and actions taken to address the repair
  • confirmation that all installations and fittings have been checked and found safe

Record keeping

Your electrician should provide you with an electrical safety chek report as per this one from the ESV website:

A record of the most recent electrical safety check must be kept until a record of the next safety check is created.

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