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We offer state-of-the-art smart home automation systems in Melbourne that take advantage of the latest technological innovations. Our specialists can integrate the latest features to increase the functionality of your home, make life even more comfortable, and increase the value of your property. Whether you want a specific feature installed or a comprehensive suite of amenities, we can get the job done.

Our Home Automation Solutions

We have no shortage of home automation products for you to choose from. These are available individually or as part of a package to accommodate your lifestyle and budget. From garage door controllers and smart thermostats through to lighting control modules and voice controllers, we can install all the smart home elements you need. We also offer home automation security systems that give you the peace of mind you deserve. We’re confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with the smart home system we install.

Our Points of Difference

CW Electrical & Automation has earned a reputation for offering the best home automation system installation services. Our points of difference include:

  • Extensive knowledge and years of experience
  • High standards of workmanship, professionalism and reliability
  • A proven track record of success, with countless satisfied clientele
  • Affordable prices without taking shortcuts or compromising on quality

In addition, you can rely on us to provide smart home installation and set up so that you can make immediate use of all available features.

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CW Electrical & Automation is the number one choice for cutting-edge home automation systems in Melbourne. Give us a call on 0420 654 383 to learn more, request a quote or make a booking. Alternatively, you can send us an email or enquire online and we’ll answer your questions as possible.

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation FAQ

Building a home can be a stressful time with a lot of things to think about. It’s often critical, especially in double storey houses, to get theses

Some questions to consider when building a new home include:

  • What security do you want to put in place? Cameras? Alarm system? Video intercom with motion alerts? Smart door locks? You need to work this out now as most of these systems need to be hard wired and if you’re house is double storey it is difficult to run wires after the house is finished. A lot of these security systems can be integrated with your home automation so it is relevant to this question.
  • What audio visual set up do you want? You may not need to decide on a specific system at this stage but structured cabling needs to be put in place. This means every TV, speaker, projector or other A/V device should be wired back to a central hub location. Wiring your home A/V like this will give you the ultimate flexibility for controlling whatever system you choose to install.
  • What electrical devices do you want automated? Lights? Blinds? Heating and cooling? It’s critical, especially with the blinds, that you work this out in the early stage of the build. Because if certain things are not allowed for it may be just impossible to automate them down the track
  • What home automation system do you want to use? Do your research online and if possible, try to see a few systems in action for yourself. Understand the pros and cons of each system and which will best suit your particular needs.

As far as wireless home automation systems go you want to know, how good is it, how compatible is it and how good is the support? There are a lot of fantastic products out there, but the support teams are overseas. If you run into any issues you want to be able to deal with a local, Australian business. At this stage the main product we’re recommending that fits all these requirements is the Fibaro HC2.

Regarding wired systems the most reputable brands in the Australian market are C-bus and Control4.

There are a lot of “smart” appliances on the market these days that operate on wifi or Bluetooth. I think they’re popular because people are familiar with these protocol’s. The reality is that, whilst they’re great for transmitting high volumes of data, such as video, they are not the best for wireless home automation.

Z-wave and zigbee are wireless protocol’s designed specifically for home automation. They give you great range and performance.

The question we often get is “which is better?”

And for us, the answer is emphatically Z-wave. Z-wave devices are all required by the Z-wave alliance to maintain compatibility with all other Z-wave devices.

This means it doesn’t matter what brand of controller or module you buy. Any Z-wave device will work with any Z-wave home hub.

Also, Z-wave is great for range. Every module acts as a repeater, creating a mesh network that grows larger the more devices that are installed.

On top of the comfort and convenience of an automated home there are some great benefits that relate to money saving and security.

  • Efficiency; a well set up home automation system will minimise the use of electrical lightings. By smart use of blinds, automatically switching off lights that aren’t required and smartly managing outdoor lighting you can significantly reduce your lighting bill. Also, huge amounts of power are wasted running heating and cooling systems through the night or when you’re not home trying to keep the house cool for when you get home. Automated systems totally remove all these inefficiencies.
  • Security; integrating your alarm system, door locks and cameras with your home automation can improve security at your house and should be considered as part of any home automation planning.

There are also some very exciting developments in home automation in aged care. When families can monitor homes remotely; control heating / cooling, lights and smart locks they will feel much better about their parent’s staying in their own homes for as long as possible.

If you have any further question please go ahead and contact us at CW Electrical & Automation.


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    I've had two jobs with Ryan's team (one for Home Automation switches, one for electrical and data cabling). The guys were very professional and knew their stuff. They also cleaned up after themselves! Excellent work.

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    I can completely recommend the team , they do a great job working in a professional manner always helpful and friendly. They worked very hard on a complex job to achieve great results. I cant thank them enough.

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    Professional and friendly service! Very satisfied

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    My house has turned into a hub of smart technology, all thanks to the good people at CW Electrical & Automation. They offered me quality home automation system at cost-effective rates. Now, all I have to do is push a button to get most things done. I am very happy with the product.

    - Ellen Wagner

    I needed to install several LED lights in my warehouse. After looking up some businesses, I got in touch with CW Electrical & Automation. Once I was done explaining my requirements, they arrived on the next day with lights and tools. The professionals performed an excellent installation, and charged reasonably. I was happy with their service.

    - Liza Thomas

    Opting for the automation service of CW Electrical & Automation has been a boon for my residence. I feel so much in control of everything now. Thanks a lot guys. I have no hesitation in recommending your business to others.

    - Adelyn Brown

    Absolutely professional. Ryan was very informative, helpful and ensured I had everything I needed for my set up, going above and beyond to deliver a positive service. I will be happy to use again in future projects. Job well done, clean install (difficult project) and not a thing needed to be done on my end.

    - Haydan Blackwell

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