Home Automation – Smart Speakers

Home Automation – Smart Speakers

Dec 19, 2019 | Home Automation
Home Automation – Smart Speakers

The big change in the home automation industry over the last few years has been voice control.

Companies like Google, Amazon and Apple are desperately trying to win the voice control market. Because of this there are a lot of fantastic products out there for very low prices.

Google Home speakers for home automation control
Google Home
Amazon Alexa speaker for home automation control
Amazon Alexa

The question is a decade from now will people be saying “Alexa”, “hey Google” or “hey Siri” in their homes? Or maybe another player altogether.

It’s a game with a lot at stake.

According to Google, 20% of all searches are voice. And the prediction is that by sometime in 2020 50% of all online searches will be voice-based.

When you see the numbers is it any wonder that Google and Amazon are offering amazing devices for low prices?

It’s definitely worth getting a smart speaker for your home. You can pick up an Amazon Echo Dot for $39 from JB Hifi!

The Google Home Nest is $199 and includes a 7 inch touchscreen display which is best used as a digital picture frame most of the time.

At the moment Amazon probably has the edge over Google as far as hardware compatibility with home automation devices.

But Google is Google and they will keep innovating and adding cool features that everyone will love.

So the question people are asking at the moments seems to be “when you’re developing your home automation system do you need to consider what voice control platform you’ll be using”.

The simple answer to this is no, not really! Whether you go for a Fibaro, Vera or Homey home automation controller you can easily integrate these with any smart speaker system.

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