Taking Care of Security During COVID 19 (including FAQ’s)
Taking Care of Security During COVID 19 (including FAQ’s)

Taking Care of Security During COVID 19 (including FAQ’s)

While many of us are doing our social duty and spending most of our time stuck at home unfortunately that doesn’t mean that all potential criminals are doing the same.

Some of you run businesses that can’t be staffed right now and are concerned about the target this creates for thieves.

A monitored camera system with motion alerts is perfect for a time like this.

Our HiLook 8MP, 4K packages offer impressive clarity with the best connectivity on the market.

It has a beautiful app that is easy to use, a PC software that has all the features you’d want; all for zero upfront cost and zero ongoing fees!

We want to see this system being used by as many homes and businesses as possible as it is going to improve safety for everyone.

Obviously there are challenges organising security installations at the moment. But we have a solution for everyone; whether you want us to come out and do the installation or deliver a fully set up system for your DIY install.

Alarm systems are simply impossible to set up off-site. If you want a new alarm installed we’d have to arrange a site visit and ensure correct social isolation procedures are followed. We mention more about our Covid 19 procedures below.



Q: Can we get installations done at this time?

We are still doing installations though certain procedures have to be followed. If you’re running a business we request that the premises be free of customers when we do our install. This may mean an out of hours installation.

For homes; have only one person meet us briefly at the start of the day to discuss camera locations etc. Then we ask that anyone home chooses a room or section of the house to stay in while we do the installations. Most of our installations take just 3-4 hours. It’s not too much to ask to stay in one section of the house for that time.

  1. Do you have any COVID 19 procedures in place for your workers?

Yes we’ve had discussion with workers and put together some practical measures to reduce the risk of spreading infections and to meet government guidelines. These include:

  • No workers to have come into contact with anyone who’s come from overseas within the last 14 days
  • No workers displaying any cold or flu-like symptoms allowed to present for work
  • Gloves to be worn indoors
  • Thorough personal hygiene practices including handwashing at the start of each day’s work and throughout the day as practical
  • Antibacterial wipes kept in van for use on surfaces that we may share with customers (such as NVR mouse)
  1. Can I buy a system and set it up myself?

Yes. This is not something we normally do but for those who want security and can’t maintain social isolation at home, we are offering a package that is fully set up (plug and play) for you to install yourself. Check out the YouTube video for more info on this.

  1. Do you offer any products to help businesses with COVID 19?

We believe that as businesses begin to open up again the issue of monitoring workers symptoms will be big. As always, some workers will still choose to come into work sick, creating a potentially disastrous situation if infections begin to spread again.

We can offer thermal camera solutions. These monitor body temperatures of people entering the workplace. You can receive an alert when a fever temperature is detected and ensure that person doesn’t go into the workplace before receiving doctor’s clearance.

Dahua thermal cameras used in COVID-19 epidemic containment ...

Solution’s like this may be a great way for a business to prove that they are ready to re-open as we come out of the lockdown.


So, in summary, we’re still in business doing what we can to keep people safe and secure. We want to serve you and give you the best security for your individual needs.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and using this opportunity of social isolation to grow and develop.


If you have any questions at all go ahead and contact me.



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