The Latest Smart Cameras From Dahua and Hikvision
The Latest Smart Cameras From Dahua and Hikvision

The new cameras being released onto the market today from the worlds best CCTV manufacturers are packed full of new features with significant benefits to end-users.

Some of these new features include:

  • True colour night vision; full-colour vision at night for significantly better evidence collection. The low light performance of these cameras has gone to another level.
  • Intelligent detection; motion and tripwire
  • The ability to differentiate between human, vehicle and other kinds of motion.
  • Active deterrence: flashing lights built into the camera; can be activated when motion is detected in protected areas. Speakers integrated into the cameras can play pre-recorded messages or you can communicate live via smartphone app.
  • Standalone cameras with SD card backup (no NVR required)

If you’re running a business or even a home CCTV system, here are some of the issues you may have with your existing monitored CCTV system:

  1. Too many false alarms resulting in wasted time because of pets, insects, leaves and other irrelevant objects.
  2. Late response: you can playback events after the fact but there’s not much you can do to stop events occurring in real time.
  3. Unclear images: especially at night it’s hard to see faces, number plates and other features
  4. Complexity: sifting through hours and hours of footage; it can just be too difficult to hone in on the relevant footage

All of these issues are addressed and significantly improved with the new Dahua TiOC and Hikvision Acusense cameras. They’re definitely worthy of consideration for your new CCTV setup or upgrade.




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